Dale Abrahamse

Dale Abrahamse

Chairman of the Board, Corporate Secretary

Michigan native Dale Abrahamse had the good fortune to serve in the Peace Corps in Ecuador from 1963 to 1965. After he graduated from Michigan State University in 1967, he spent five years as a special education teacher in New York City and southern California before he moved to Charlottesville. “Not a day goes by,” he is fond of saying, “that I don’t call on the skills I learned in managing a classroom.”

Since 1974, Dale has been continuously involved with Abrahamse & Company Builders, growing it from a three-man carpentry subcontracting crew to a full-service construction company with over thirty employees. He enjoys building not only beautiful, energy-efficient structures but also relationships with clients as he helps them meet their construction goals.

Dale has announced his intent to retire, and he has retired as president of the company, but continues to play an active role in the day to day activities by guiding and mentoring. He continues to offer financial support to the company.

Dale’s wife, Linda, is a psychotherapist in Charlottesville and his daughter, Augusta, works for USAID and lives with her husband in Washington, DC. Dale takes pleasure in his meditation practice, reading, friends, and good movies.