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Bud Branch | Abrahamse & Company Builders, Inc.

Bud Branch

Bud Branch, Estimator

Estimator/IT Manager

Bud Branch is the chief estimator for Abrahamse & Company. He has had a varied career in the construction industry that includes working as a carpenter for R. D. Wade Builders, five years as a construction salesman at Better Living, Inc., and twelve years as the operations and purchasing manager for Elite Electric (an electrical supply company). Additionally, Bud spent ten years in the information technology field working as a systems engineer for the Jones Foundation and Nimbus Manufacturing. Naturally, Bud also coordinates all of the IT systems and website (including the photography) for Abrahamse & Company.

Bud joined the company in 2005 and since 2011 has been capably handling all of the estimating for the company. Bud has dedicated himself to continuously refining the company’s estimating procedures: from initial ballpark estimates, to value-engineered comparisons, to highly detailed contract budgets. His goal is the production of reliable, authoritative budgets that lead to success for a project’s owners, architects, subcontractors, and vendors, as well as Abrahamse & Company. When asked about what makes Abrahamse & Company stand out, Bud replies, “I have seen small business close-up and have worked for a few builders, but I have never seen so much rigor and organization. In my experience,” he continues, “Abrahamse & Company’s emphasis on quality control and continuous improvement is unique.”

A Charlottesville native, Bud Branch is the proud father of three. He spends his spare time on his passions for photography, string music, flying, and his granddaughter, who is one of the most Facebooked kids in America.